UK Arts International

Third World Bunfight presents

macbEth: the opera

2015 Onwards

Creator: Third World Bunfight
Written and Directed by: Brett Bailey

Large scale.


Within the milieu of Super Power dealings, occult practices and Chinese imports, an African general and his ambitious wife murder their king and unleash atrocities on the crumbling African State they seize...

Verdi’s opera of ambition, corruption and witchcraft, adapted and interpreted into the idiom of contemporary and mythological Africa, is edited to a fast ninety minutes, with African instrumentation and video projection.

macbEth: the opera is performed by an all-black cast of around 28 opera singers, musicians and actors.

”This is not just another night at the opera - it’s a séance where high Western Arts meets a pan-African ethos, tongue firmly in post-colonial cheek.”  - The Star

“Never again can opera be referred to as a European phenomenon. See this production if it’s the only theatre outing you have this year. It’s an unforgettable musical and dramatic experience.”  - The Argus

“Visually and musically breathtaking” - The Sunday Independent


To book macbEth: the opera, contact Jan Ryan.

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