UK Arts International

Paul Grootboom presents

Welcome to Rocksburg

2015 Onwards

Middle scale

“Breaking boundaries and on track to becoming a theatrical masterpiece”  - Tonight Newspaper SA

Welcome to Rocksburg is a story about a cash-in-transit heist – of the criminals who carry it out, the cops who investigate them and the community they all live in.

It is an original South African “action play”, based on a fictional Township comic book / graphic novel still to be written!

The play is told in the tradition of many Hollywood action movies alongside some stylised theatrical mechanisms. With a powerful “Beauty and the Beast” story at its core, the play’s main protagonist is a facially disfigured young man from the township. He has no skills – just his bare hands, which he uses for fighting.

When he falls in love for the first time it just so happens to be with the girlfriend of a notorious township thug. Only by entering a life of crime can he make amends for this relationship, but he soon finds himself caught up in a cat and mouse game between the criminal underworld and a corrupt police force. Who will prevail?

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