UK Arts International

Meshaun Labrone presents

The Right To Remain: Tupac

Throughout 2010

The Right to Remain...Tupac is an explosive exploration of one of the world's most compelling yet misunderstood musicians of rap and hip-hop.

This is a theatre production that seeks to address the question of who the world's greatest rap artist really was, not only to his public but to himself. Locked alone in solitary confinement with nothing but his thoughts, his words, his angels and demons, Tupac has time to reflect on the defining moment that sent his world spinning out of control and into a chaotic projectory toward certain self-destruction.

Imprisoned for the alleged rape, the play questions amongst other things his lapse of moral judgement and his earnest attempts to reclaim a life that desired to give back in the face of repeated obstacles. His voice was heard but not understood, and yet, his trademark sense of humour and his ever-reflective eye for the human condition were never dimmed through the long period of incarceration, finally being returned to society in a resurrected if somewhat tarnished form.

This raw and intimate one-man performance experiments with form of theatrical performance by utilising projected images, video and text to contextualise the narrative, combining Tupac Shakur's lyrics and poetry with a dramatic rendering of his persona. The production explores the boundaries of myth that exist between the real Tupac Shakur and the popular image of him most easily recognised through the exposure of mass media.

The audience encounters Shakur's love for Shakespeare and Melville, and traces his early days when he studied ballet before he found his life absorbed by poetry and music. And for the greater part of his life he lived in a covert fear that he was not doing enough for the people in his community. Only through a deeper understanding of Shakur's message can the world celebrate the impact and value of his art and this is exactly what this production sets out to address.

"The Right To Remain...Tupac Shakur promises to be a theatrical event not to be missed" - The Daily Echo

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