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Third World Bunfight presents


2015 Onwards

Creator: Brett Bailey
Written by: Brett Bailey

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Orfeus: the first poet-musician. His music is so beautiful it brings harmony to the natural world and stills the inner conflicts of all who hear it.

The beautiful, Eurydice is awakened by his song and the fall in love. But on the night of their marriage a snake kills her, and the heartbroken Orfeus sets off on an epic journey to find her.

The audience accompanies Orfeus into an Underworld of African sorrows, where he encounters lost souls trapped in eternal torment: children in sweatshops, the merchandise of human trafficking, men tortured in forgotten cells…

In this ritualistic promenade performance piece, Bailey twists the thread of the classical myth of the poet-musician, Orfeus, through a haunted African landscape.

“Brett Bailey’s Orfeus left me feeling drained. I was completely transported, swept away, overcome…In this astonishing rendition of the birth of tragedy, an open secret is breached. This is a secret in which we are complicit, a furtive knowledge of the horror we hide from ourselves and each other, the story of the suffering of the world.” - Anton Kruger, CUE

“This is not a play in the formal sense, as much as a string of impeccably detailed live art installations. Images of destruction bleed out of the veld like primordial wounds, accompanied by soundscapes trapped in the bushes and weeds.” - The Argus

“A gem in this year’s Holland Festival” - Financial Times

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