UK Arts International

East Productions present

One Man

2013 Onwards

Creator: Steven Berkoff 

Small, middle and large scale

One Man is a two-act social satire exploring the mind-set of a murderer wracked with guilt and the mindless soccer hooligan complete with pit bull terrier.

The first piece is a frighteningly macabre re-telling of Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart, a short story about a mad man's murderous revenge on a fishy-eyed miser.

Then, in Dog, Berkoff plays both a pit bull and his lager swilling football-hooligan owner, as he exposes the underbelly of British yob-culture - the culture of the pub, obsessive drunkenness, football and xenophobia - where the dog amplifies the insane and undirected energy of its owner.

"The star performance par excellence... For sheer acting virtuosity, nothing else in New York comes close to it."  - New York Post

"Berkoff at his best: exciting, inventive and full of theatrical magic. Berkoff's talent can create an entire image from one vocal inflection and an entire narrative from one gesture."  - Nine to Five

“His characterisations dominate the stage space”  - The Independent

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