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Greig Coetzee presents

Johnny Boskak Is Feeling Funny

2013 Onwards

Creator: Greig Coetzee
Written and Directed by:  Greig Coetzee

Small to middle scale

Combine Shakespearean verse and American Rap to write a South African Natural Born Killers using Johannesburg slang, and you might come up with Greig Coetzee's Johnny Boskak Is Feeling Funny - a love story, a quest for faith and a car chase that takes you across South Africa from Durban to Secunda to Hillbrow to Hell and back again.This is a tragicomedy about a whitey and his bubblegum, lip-gloss, double-come, kick-arse, troublesome cherry.

A mini rock-opera for spoken word, or a road movie for the stage, Greig Coetzee's powerful script is brought to life with haunting projections of South African landscapes.

Where does Johnny fit in Mandela's new South Africa? Is he a white trash dinosaur? Or is he the last cowboy hero in boots and blue jeans? What we do know is that he's on the road, looking for love, redemption, an AK47 and the quickest way out of Secunda...

"Greig Coetzee kicks up a storm with this dazzling display" - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"One of the most complete small-scale theatrical experiences on the Fringe, poignant, funny, clever and significant." - The Scotsman

"Savagely funny" - The Stage

“A blistering little rough diamond of a show” The Herald

“Coetzee’s performance is electrifying… laugh-out-loud humour, but also the pathos of the small people who live their lives in the twilight zones and whose betrayal has become a hallmark of Coetzee’s best work… and excellent slice of South African life that is funny, sad and tragic by turns”  - The Witness

Winner, Fringe First Award, Edinburgh Festival 2006


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