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Presented by Kevin Wong and David Yip with Les Deux Mondes

Gold Mountain

Autumn 2013

Creator: Les Deux Mondes (Montreal) and Unity Theatre (Liverpool)
Written / Playwrights  by: David Yip and Kevin Wong with Les Deux Mondes

David Yee is trying to piece together the broken jigsaw of his father's life - exploring his rambling
stories in a search for family truths. But when every answer poses more questions will David
find the man he barely knew?

In an epic journey from a small village in China to war-torn Liverpool, through the horrors of
sailing the Atlantic Convoys, follow Yee Lui's story of friendship, addiction and adversity against
the backdrop of Communist China.

“You must leave, go and bring honour to your family. Find your gold mountain, make your
fortune. Then and only then can you return.”


"A satisfyingly spherical, precision performed and emotion-laden story saturated with poetic
visual moments. (...) Powerful and moving." Liverpool Echo

"One of the most astonishing pieces of theatre that many present would have been privileged to
witness." LS Media, Liverpool

"The use of media throughout the play was absolutely outstanding." The Public Reviews, Liverpool

"The ancient art of storytelling combined with multimedia wizardry." Liverpool Daily Post

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