UK Arts International

Third World Bunfight presents

Big Dada: the rise and fall of Idi Amin

2015 Onwards

Creator: Third World Bun Fight
Written and Directed by: Brett Bailey

Middle to large scale

Uganda's Field Marshall Al Hajji President Doctor Idi Amin Dada burst on the African stage with his military regime in 1971, sent the Asians, British and Israelis packing, bankrupted his banana republic, advised Queen Elizabeth on her wardrobe, and slaughtered about 400,000 people during his 8 year reign. This musical satire, with its mad fusion of 70's Central African pop, machine gun serenade and 21st Century schmaltz, charts the descent of Amin into psychotic paranoia, and of his country into chaos, amid the nationalism, poverty, religious factionalism and global machinations which seethe across the post-colonial landscape of Africa.

"The final images of the dictator swigging whisky as he feasts upon the bloody innards of the corpse he clasps, and his jubilant singing of Sinatra's I Did It My Way, memorably convey Amin's monstrousness and banal pride." ­  Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard

"Shot through with biting, often hilarious, political satire, Brett Bailey's Big Dada takes no prisoners: the complicity of the colonial and post-colonial First World in creating and supporting Amin's reign of terror is as clear as his own megalomania."  Metro

“Marat/Sade meets Ubu Roi… ”  Cape Times


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