UK Arts International

The South African State Theatre in association with Tick Tock Productions present

And The Girls in their Sunday Dresses

2013 Onwards

Small to middle scale

Imagine… a time when food is scarce and prices have rocketed sky high

Imagine… waiting for days on end just to buy the basics that were once available and plentiful

Imagine… the gap between rich and poor has widened to such an extent that you are one or the other

It is in one of these queues for food that The Lady, a retiring prostitute and The Woman, a domestic worker, meet. Despite coming from very different walks of life and having had vastly different life experiences, they manage to develop a friendship.

The two characters discuss their trials and tribulations, their disappointments and their triumphs in the daily struggle for survival. Despite their differences they realises they have one thing in common: they have been deserted by the men in their lives and will have to be self-reliant in the days to come.

“Food for Thought” Sunday Independent

“The story is beautifully told in Xhosa, Sotha and English, which together become universally understood in this performance” Citizen


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